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Super Granny Scarf

Posted by Sharon Oldfield on

I spend, as I am sure you do too, an awful lot of time scrolling through books, magazines and the internet to find the next exciting project to put on my hook. Sometimes, however, an idea can come simply from looking at colours and the yarn itself. I am fortunate, I have a mountain of yarn to play with and I am lucky enough to see the colour combinations that my customers put together. Here are some of my favourites might see yours in there!

DROPS Paris buy from     DROPS Paris buy from

DROPS Paris buy from     DROPS Paris buy from

About a week ago, when in truth I should have been completing another project, I had a play with the DROPS Karisma colours that I have in stock. I fell in love with this particular combination...

DROPS Karisma buy from Cotton Pod UK(

Light Pearl Grey (72)
Wine Red (48)
Orange (11)
Dark Mustard (52)
Forest Green (47)
I subsequently tried to search for something fancy to do with this new colour crush of mine, until I had a light bulb moment! It dawned on me that this project should be about celebrating these lovely Autumnal colours, allowing them to sing against the light pearl grey, so it was had to be granny stripes. There it was, the idea for my scarf!

DROPS Karisma buy from Cotton Pod UK

I knew I wanted a scarf that would go round and round and round, so it needed to be a really, really long chain! I added a foundation row of dc stitches to create a simple edge and then it was rows of granny stripes, finished off with another row of dc stitches.

granny stripe foundation row

Granny Stripes,

Super Granny Scarf by Cotton Pod, made with DROPS Karisma

Super Granny Scarf by Cotton Pod, made with DROPS Karisma

The scarf can be left with or without tassels.

Super Granny Scarf by Cotton Pod, made with DROPS Karisma    Super Granny Scarf by Cotton Pod, made with DROPS Karisma

If you choose tassels here's a video of how I made my tassels.....

Here's how I added my tassels...

The result is a very long, very cosy, chunky scarf, which I have since discovered is called a Super Scarf, hence the simple, yet apt, name 'Super Granny Scarf'. Without realising it, I am apparently 'bang on trend' with my super scarf, as outlined by this article I stumbled upon from Yarnspirations, explaining that super scarves were this season's new trend! They also have a great video explaining how to tie such a scarf too. Although I think my scarf is a little smaller than the super scarves in the article, you could easily add more chains and rows to really supersize it up!

Super Granny Scarf by Cotton Pod, made with DROPS Karisma

If you would like to make a 'Super Granny Scarf' too you can download the pattern free from my online shop or over on my Ravelry page.

Drops Karisma is also available in my shop. 

Here are some alternative DROPS Karisma colour combos, that I think would look great for this would need 4 x 50g balls of the main colour and 50g each of the four accent colours. I have put the main colour in the centre of the arrangements below.

Buy DROPS Karisma 100% wool from

200g Dark brown (56)
50g Orange (11)
50g  Green (50) (this is more blue than green)
50g Dark mustard (52)
50g Petrol (73)
Buy DROPS Karisma yarn from
...or switch the orange for 50g Light pearl grey (72)
Buy DROPS Karisma 100% wool at
200g Medium grey(21)
50g Dark old rose (39)
50g Lavender (74)
50g Dark purple (76)
50g Wine Red (48)
Buy DROPS Karisma from
...or switch wine red for 50g Petrol cerise (75)
Buy DROPS Karisma from
200g Anthracite (53)
50g Green (50)
50g Bright blue (07)
50g Petrol (73)
50g Forest green (47)


It would be awesome to see your colour combos too, please share on Ravelry, Facebook or on Instagram with the hashtag #cottonpodcrochet

Happy Hooking!




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  • Hello my little very friend, Sharon. I love this scarf. Good luck with your business venture – you have some terrific yarn here xxxx

    Andrea Blamire on
  • Wat een leuk patroon! makkelijk groter of kleiner te maken.

    Carna Uijl on
  • Love this scarf, and so excited that you have shared the pattern with us! Looking forward to making this with my new found ( and still developing) crochet skills. Thank you Sharon!

    Jane MacKechnie on
  • Love this project! and your super videos! Thank you for being so fabulous!

    Linzi Hannam on
  • And what a fabulous scarf this is Sharon! I love your suggested colour ways and will be ordering a kit to make one myself!!

    Van Dandy on

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