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Starfish Designed by Cotton Pod

The last few days have been dull, overcast and the garden has had a good watering. A fascinating man, David King (who predicts the weather based on the moon's cycles and signs from nature), on the TV, assured the nation that this was nature's way of nurturing the corn after the 'dry, hot spell' we have had, so it can put on some good growth ready for the harvest. 'All well and good for the plants' I say, but the weather can have a tendency to dampen down the spirits, so what better way to cheer up a gloomy weekend than to do some sun, sea and sand inspired crochet!

Starfish Pinterest Board


I have been gathering pictures of starfish over on Pinterest for a little while, whilst pondering on my design for a starfish. I love to use Pinterest to gather images; that I then use to help inspire my design ideas.  I used the starfish pictures to help me create a basic stitch diagram of the starfish, I was totally clear about how the centre of the starfish would look and could draw that out straight away.  However, I knew that the legs of the starfish would have to be designed with the hook and yarn, rather than my pencil and pens.


 Crochet Starfish - designed by Cotton Pod, UK

I was delighted that my initial diagram translated well into a crocheted piece, so far so good.

Crochet Starfish designed by Cotton Pod, UK

For the legs I knew I had to get some height away from the centre of the starfish pretty quickly, so added in the chains. I also wanted to create some texture in the legs, so puff stitches were perfect for this!

Crochet Starfish by Cotton Pod. UK

Then I had a colour dilemma, the red was far too bold for this part of the starfish, so I unravelled and knocked the colour contrast right down and went with the vanilla (the pale yellow) instead to blend better with the strong yellow and orange hues.

Crochet Starfish - by Cotton Pod, UK

This was a much better choice - notice, how a little later, when I reintroduce the vanilla in round 6, this has the effect of making the 4th and 6th round look like they are the same round. With the strong yellow peeking through.

 Crochet Starfish designed by Cotton Pod

The next few rounds focus on lengthening the legs and repeating the puff stitch pattern to create a ridge down the centre of the starfish leg.

Crochet Starfish designed by Cotton Pod, UK

Then came the final round; I wanted to create the effect of the spines that some starfish have, so I introduced the picot edge.

Here's the end result!

Crochet Starfish designed by Cotton Pod using DROPS Paris

The plan is to attach the Starfish onto a bag to create a Beach Bag ready for my holidays.

 Starfish Beach Bag, designed by Cotton Pod, UK

 Pattern and photo tutorial coming soon! 

DROPS Paris, buy from Cotton Pod

The Starfish is made using DROPS Paris in shades:

35 Vanilla

14 Strong Yellow

13 Orange

12 Red

DROPS Paris Vanilla buy from Cotton Pod DROPS Paris, Strong Yellow buy from Cotton Pod DROPS Paris, Orange buy from Cotton Pod DROPS Paris, Red buy from Cotton Pod

Drops Paris is a lovely soft yarn made from 100% cotton. It gives great stitch definition and comes in an extensive range of colours from the bold and vibrant to the soft and subtle. Aran weight, perfect for clothing, decorative items, wash cloths and so many more projects. I love it, top of my favourite list of yarns to use!

Starfish are not fish!
They belong to the Echinodem family which also includes sea urchins.
There are about 2000 species of starfish.

    More about Starfish.


    Starfish Pattern


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