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The Meadow Mystery CAL Clue #4

Posted by Sharon Oldfield on

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This past week I have been busy getting ready for the DROPS Wool Super Sale and selecting my favourite patterns from the Drops Design collection, to feature as project kits in my store, I hope to add more kits over the coming months. This has left me less time for the Crochet-A-Long, and I am afraid, I am falling behind with the clues as a result, but it's not a race and I will catch up when I can!


  MY CAL NOTES: Clue #4 - The Sunflower

DROPS Meadow Mystery CAL Clue #4. Cotton Pod Blog.

I had to make a deviation this week with my Sunflowers. The CAL suggested using light turquoise for inside the flowers and turquoise for the petals. However, as I have yellow in my colour scheme, I could not possibly have made my sunflower petals any other colour than yellow! This may mean that I have to adapt another flower later, but my littlest would not be accepting blue sunflowers I am afraid, so yellow it had to be!

DROPS Meadow Mystery CAL Clue #4. Cotton Pod Blog.

These lovely flowers have taken a little longer than the others to make, so with one thing and another this week I have slipped behind a bit. I also found 25 petals on one of my flowers, so had to pull it back, typically the error was right near the start of the petal round!        

I made one minor alteration to the way I made my petals too. The video suggests that you ch5 then htr into the back loops on the way back down the chain. I, however, prefer to use the back bump so that the petal has the front and back loops visible all the way around the petal, it is a little more uniform this way and stays flatter.


The pictures above show the different parts of a chain. The front and back loops are typically the loops on the top of the chain. If you turn the chain over you find the third loop known as the back bump. Here's a little video to demonstrate how I htr into the back bumps...

Crocheting htr stitches into the back bump. from Cotton Pod on Vimeo.

DROPS Meadow Mystery CAL Clue #4. Cotton Pod Blog.

I also decided to slip stitch under two loops of the trebles, when adding the white square to the back of the Sunflower.  It seemed a little too loose when I tried slip stitching under just one loop, so I picked up two instead.

DROPS Meadow Mystery CAL Clue #4. Cotton Pod Blog.

I hope these little notes are useful, I would love to know about your deviations/adaptations too, they can be added to the comments box at the bottom of this post. I am sure we will all find each others hints and tips useful.

 DROPS Meadow Mystery CAL Clue #4. Cotton Pod Blog.

Four Clues complete, now to catch up with clues 5 & 6!

 DROPS Meadow Mystery CAL Clues 1-4. Cotton Pod Blog.


Happy Hooking!


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