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The Meadow Mystery CAL Clue #3

Posted by Sharon Oldfield on

The Meadow Mystery CAL Clue #3. Cotton Pod Blog  DROPS Fabel socks, by Cotton Pod, Ramsbottom Bury UK

This week I have been working on clue #3 of the Meadow Mystery CAL, adding colourful stripes to my socks and finalising the design of a new pattern for a Summer cowl. I am not sure that working on three things at a time is the best way to actually get anything finished, but sometimes my mind needs the variety. I am finding that the socks are perfect for a relaxing, meditative, mindful crochet session (no ends to darn and continuous rows); whilst the CAL requires a great deal more application (oh, those ends!*).

DROPS The Meadow Mystery CAL, Clue #3. Cotton Pod, Ramsbottom Bury UK

As for the cowl, well it's an idea that has been sitting in my notebook since last August and I just had an overwhelming urge to get it finalised. This usually happens to me when I have a list of urgent tasks far longer than my arm.....somehow sitting and completing an entire crocheted item just makes the world a better place! I just need to finalise the pattern, then I will be ready to share! Here's a sneak preview of the stitch I am using for the cowl.

Whitstable Cowl, free crochet pattern. DROPS Loves You #7, buy from Cotton Pod, Ramsbottom Bury BL0 9FGUK


If you fancy following the CAL all the links you need are at the bottom of this post. Here are a few notes I'd like to share about Clue #3.

  MY CAL NOTES: Clue #3 - The Marigold

Learning from last week, I decided to make all my flowers first, so I could darn in all the ends before I started to add the squares. Then I had to play around with them a bit, as they looked so pretty! 

DROPS Mystery CAL, The Marigold     DROPS Mystery CAL Clue #3 Marigold

DROPS Mystery CAL Clue #3 Marigold     DROPS Mystery CAL Clue #3 Marigold  

When I joined the new colour, as suggested by the tutorial, I did not like how it left a white fleck on the front of my flower. It really is minor, but, I decided to slip stitch to finish the flower in turquoise, then change to the white as I slipped stitched to the back of the flower, ready to begin the square. (This will make more sense if you are following the CAL!).

The picture above shows the change to white at the back of the flower.

DROPS The Meadow Mystery CAL - Clue #3 Marigold  DROPS The Meadow Mystery CAL - Clue #3 Marigold

Can you spot the difference? It's a touch pedantic, but it was a small enough change for a preferred outcome.  

The Meadow Mystery CAL Clue #3 Marigold

I also decided to slip stitch through both the back loops of the two dc stiches from row 3 of the particular reason, it just seemed more balanced and secure.

 The Meadow Mystery CAL Clue #3 Marigold

Loving how these squares are looking together.

Ready For Clue #4 now!


*Light footnote about darning in ends:

I dislike this as much as the next person, but I have discovered that, if you belong to a social crochet/knitting group, save your darning in for when you meet, you can then get on with a good old chat and before you know it your ends are darned in! The added bonus is that you have not had to pull your work back three times because you were chatting instead of counting! I tried this last week and it worked a treat. However, we all know that, little and often, is the best way to deal with those pesky ends. Someone on Instagram told me that she will keep all her ends, then glue them to make bowl, I hope she posts a picture, so we can see.


Happy Hooking!


  Here's your handy links for The Meadow Mystery CAL

 Sign up for the CAL here

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 Clue #3 - The Marigold photo tutorial and supporting videos

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