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On my Hook - WIP - Easter Bunnies

Posted by Sharon Oldfield on


At last I have completed a WIP; that I am ashamed to say I have had, in my pile of ‘things I must finish’, since March 2014.

Three Easter’s ago I had a romantic notion that it would be very cute to create two Easter bunnies for my girls, that would live in a little suitcase and bring them new little gifts every Easter…an heirloom project.

I found a beautiful pattern written by Mari Lille-Liis called Frilly Pants Bunny. A perfectly adorable design that fitted in with my ‘big idea’. The pattern cost £4.49 - you get plenty for your pennies with the 12 page set of clear instructions and detailed photos to support the pattern. You are also paying here for exquisite design details too.


Easter 2014 I managed to make heads on bodies, then realised there was no way I was going to finish them by Easter Sunday, so off they went to lie in my WIP pile. Easter 2015 I managed to finish all the parts, but by Good Friday I knew there was no way I was going to finish them in time, yet again they went to sit in the WIP pile.  Until HURRAH! This Easter I was absolutely determined to get them completed…..I made sure that I got them off ‘THAT PILE’ in plenty of time and here they are...

These bunnies, despite me constantly missing my deadline have been a delight to make and even more of a delight to finish.  So why did it take so long? Why did I not just finish them the first year after Easter and keep them hidden away till the following Easter? Well, we all know that we are often dreaming about the next crochet project before we finish the last and those projects just seem to take over. Also, once those limbs have been sewn on those bodies and the Amigurumi magically gets it's soul, who can seriously hide them away or keep them in a box till much later?

So the Frilly Pants Bunnies were gifted, with joy this Easter and received with great delight. They each have a suitcase, a love heart and a special note. 

The Bunnies have been named Rosie, after her red dress and Rocket, you would think after those healthy leafy greens, but no, after my littlest’s favourite ice lolly, oh well, you can’t win them all.



Project Notes:
As far as yarn goes I used a real mixture, on a 3.5mm hook:
  • White/cream – Sirdar Simply Recycled cotton rich aran
  • Red – Rowan Cotton Glace
  • Pale Pink – Sirdar Snuggly bamboo
  • Pink - Sidar Cotton DK

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