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How to make and add tassels to your crochet

Posted by Sharon Oldfield on

In this silent video I demonstrate how to add tassels to a crocheted scarf.


You will need:

  • yarn
  • scissors
  • stitch marker
  • A5 note pad or a piece of card A5 in size


1. Wrap your yarn around an A5 notebook or piece of card 10 times

2. Cut across the tassels at one end to release the yarn

3. Secure the lengths of yarn on to a stitch marker

4. Pass the stitch marker through the hole that you would like to join your tassel to, until a loop is made

5. Pass the ends of the tassel through the loop, pull tight to secure

6. Trim the ends of the tassels.

You can find the pattern for the Super Granny Scarf pictured in the video HERE

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