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Basic Stitches ~ The Chain Stitch

Posted by Sharon Oldfield on

How to crochet a chain stitch 

How to chain stitch



Parts of the Chain Stitch

Parts of a crochet chain stitch

front & back loops – each stitch has a front loop and a back loop.  If you crochet into the front loop only the back loop is left free, ready to be crocheted into later.


Crocheting into the back bump by Cotton Pod UK

back bump - when you flip your chain over you can see the back bumps. Crocheting into the back bumps allows you to create a neat bottom edge to your work that can be easily crocheted into if you are adding a border to your work later on. Or simply allows the bottom edge of your work to look like the top edge.



How to Crochet Into the Back Bump

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