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Learn to Crochet Course - NOVEMEBR 2020

  • £5000

Course Outline

Learn to Crochet course for beginners. This course is for complete beginners or anyone looking for a refresher and comes with a little starter kit included.
Week 1 - BASIC STITCHES - getting started and double crochet stitch
Week 2 - BASIC STITCHES - treble crochet & creative stitches
Week 3 - GRANNY SQUARES - (Starting Loops / changing colour / Joining)
Week 4 - GETTING STARTED WITH A PROJECT - (reading patterns)

Price: £50 for a 4 week course, 90 minutes a week tuition, plus access to online tutorial videos and resources.

When: Monday Evenings - November 16th, 23rd, 30th & 7th December

Where: Stitch Studio, Ramsbottom, Bury, Greater Manchester

(Please note weeks are consecutive unless broken by school holidays - if unsure please enquire)

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