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DMC Evenweave unifil fabric ~ 11 threads/cm - 28ct

  • £080

An embroidery kit is not complete without one of its most important elements: Evenweave fabric by DMC!

This high-quality 100% cotton fabric is a well-known embroidery and cross-stitch fabric that is available in a variety of fabric counts and sizes, allowing for plenty of choices for creative hands to create incredible cross stitch and traditional embroidery designs! 

Although closely resembling linen with its refined finish and supple feel, this 100% cotton Evenweave is made of a more regular weave. This makes it easy to count the threads and to create neat stitches. Whether you are a cross-stitcher or an embroiderer, a complete beginner or an expert, Evenweave is perfectly suited to all projects and abilities.

DMC Evenweave unifill fabric is soft to the touch and is very supple, making it very pleasant to work with.

The fabric is 11 fils/cm, 28ct (count).

This fabric is also perfect to use for Punch Needle Embroidery and works well with this Opry Punch Needle Set.

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