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Scheepjes Triptych Mandala MAL ~ designed by Esther Dijkstra

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Shop below for Scheepjes Triptych Make A Long (MAL) colour packs, available with and without craft hoops.

Click here for the Triptych Mal details ~ beginning 3rd August 2022

To join in with the MAL you will need:

  • Scheepjes Catona (100% Mercerised Cotton; 50g/125m) - choose from the 3 suggested colourways below or create your own from this wide selection of Scheepjes Catona (remember you will need 50g of each shade).
  • 3mm Crochet Hook (or size needed to obtain gauge)
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Mandala Rings:
    15cm for small mandala (item no. 79890)
    25cm for medium mandala (item no 96348-NI)
    40cm for large mandala (item no 79891)

There are three suggested colourways. One 50g ball (or 2x25g balls) of each shade is required to complete the set of 3 mandalas.

Colourway #1 Forest Fern

Scheepjes Triptych MAL Forest Fern Colour packs buy from Cotton Pod UK

Yarn A: 264 Light Coral
Yarn B: 192 Scarlet
Yarn C: 383 Ginger Gold
Yarn D: 412 Forest Green
Yarn E: 263 Petal Peach
Yarn F: 254 Moon Rock

Colourway #2 Rainbow Bright

Scheepjes Triptych MAL Rainbow Brights Colour packs buy from Cotton Pod UK

Yarn A: 208 Yellow Gold 
Yarn B: 146 Vivid Blue
Yarn C: 189 Royal Orange
Yarn D: 115 Hot Red
Yarn E: 113 Delphinium
Yarn F: 389 Apple Green

Colourway #3 Blue Moon

Scheepjes Triptych MAL Blue Moon Colour packs buy from Cotton Pod UK

Yarn A: 173 Bluebell
Yarn B: 396 Rose Wine
Yarn C: 247 Bluebird
Yarn D: 164 Light Navy
Yarn E: 074 Mercury
Yarn F: 408 Old Rose 

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